Communicating the renewable energy story

Good to see renewable energy is now playing a key role in helping meet UK's energy needs, with 11% of the UK's electricity generated by wind last year – up from 9.5% in 2014. Click here for the report.

Having been talked about as an energy source of the future for many years, clearly it is now happening and will no doubt continue its upward trajectory in the energy mix going forward.

However, there are still many opponents as there are supporters to this source of energy. Therefore it is vitally important that every aspect of its development is communicated in an open and transparent manner. It is essential that parties have opportunities to fully understand the approach being taken by the energy industry to meet society's needs, agree on ways to minimise any environmental and community impacts that may arise, and avoid the 'I know best' attitude on all sides.

Achieving this is not always easy. Active two-way dialogue must be factored in all stages of the infrastructure development process, if society is to to continue reaping the benefits of renewable energy and for this essential energy infrastructure to receive widespread public acceptance.


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