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One of our core skills at Highbank Communications is the ability to determine changes an organisation needs to make regarding its promotion or positioning and assess how best to achieve this. How do these changes impact perceptions of key audiences? It's our role to ensure you get the right response, from the right people at all times. 

We first establish a strategy for you. What your organisation does well, where and how you can improve, and over what timescale. With those steps complete, we can then discern what needs to be done to implement a step-change to achieve the desired outcome and align this with your business goals.

The challenge facing organisations today

Social media has revolutionised the way in which we all communicate. It has extended competitive markets to such a degree that organisations are finding it harder and harder to position themselves as a supplier of choice - no industry is unaffected

Today, it is a challenge to deliver strong commercial performance whilst operating as openly as possible and this is where we come in. Never has it been so important to use an effective communication strategy to achieve both goals. We can advise on the effective methods to communicate with your key audiences. We will give you the means to strengthen company and product awareness, advance corporate and brand reputation and maximise business performance.

Devising an effective communication strategy is crucial

Devising an effective communication strategy is crucial

Some of the organisations we've worked with:

The key areas we tackle:

Leadership buy-in 

We will help your senior management team; those individuals who want to embed effective communication in the heart of your organisation's DNA. This team fully understands that communication is not a bolt-on activity or a by-product. At the moment, however, they're not sure where to start or if they do, need help to strengthen what they are already doing. 

Consistent branding and promotion 

We understand that the key to an effective communication plan is to align internal and external communication. If you're not sure how effective you are, we can help you devise the right plan to convey appropriate and consistent information to your target audiences. Let us help your messaging resonate with everyone. 

Aligning with the bottom line

We help you determine the importance of a communications strategy to your organisation and establish, at an early stage, its contribution to the bottom line.

We embed best-practice techniques to leave you with enhanced leadership qualities and stronger alignment of internal and external messaging - the end result being a single communication plan that focuses on all key audiences and meets their needs. Other benefits include improved staff engagement and corporate reputation management; all of which means that your organisation has a range of these essential core leadership capabilities necessary to deliver stronger business performance.

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