We live and work in a 24/7 news environment where media has an insatiable need to find suitable content to fill the airwaves, online news sites and printed pages.

Let us help you develop a media profile and differentiate yourselves from others. Listed below is a breakdown of what we can do:
  • Determine which media channels will best influence your key business audiences.
  • Develop a media relations strategy unique to your organisation to ensure you are capitalising on news opportunities and minimising risks.
  • Create content that is newsworthy and appropriate for media platforms.
  • Guide and help strengthen your interaction with journalists and reporters.
  • Measure the effectiveness of media relations and public relations on your KPIs and reputation.
  • Help you prepare for media interviews and how to deal with the questions you want to be asked ... and those you don't!
We can help you develop a media relations plan from scratch or work with your in-house team to review your performance. If there are any gaps in performance, we can help you put these right so contact us today for advice.


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