Every organisation will face a business issue at some point during its lifetime. Questions will be asked regarding business performance and conduct; product or service delivery; views on market(s) and the wider business environment.

When faced with a situation where these questions arise, be aware that your ability to answer them well will go a long way towards your key audiences developing and maintaining positive views towards you and your organisation. If you want to be perceived as a sector or industry leader, an effective delivery is critical.

Here is a sample of what we can do and help prepare you for any eventuality:
  • Help embed crisis management plans across your organisation.
  • Introduce monitoring and reporting processes to ensure crisis communications management is always front of mind.
  • Develop crisis communication materials, positioning statements and channels to ensure you are prepared for all eventualities and in a position to respond quickly.
  • Help you deploy a management escalation process so everyone is aware who steps in and when, in the event of an emerging crisis.
  • Advise you on how to present in a crisis and address media and stakeholder needs in a calm, collective and authoritative manner.
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