Today's corporate affairs director, tomorrow's CEO?

Launch of Broome Yasar Partnership Report

The need for effective communication at the helm of an organisation is fundamental to building trust, understanding and favourability among key stakeholders. Get it wrong and results can be disastrous which we've seen with the Brexit outcome and the subsequent political, financial and social fall-out. It leads many to question exactly what they were voting for.

Business leaders must have strong communication skills in their armoury so it's encouraging that a recently published report (by global executive recruitment consultancy, Broome Yasar Partnership) has highlighted the increasing number of corporate affairs leaders who have gone on to become business leaders.
The report contains honest and enlightening interviews with those whom have made this transition from corporate affairs leader to CEO. It shows how communication increasingly is being recognised as a pre-requisite for delivering a strong business performance; it needs to be embedded in organisations as a core skill rather than a specialism. It also illustrates the need for strong communication qualities to be an intrinsic part of a CEO's personal tool-box.

Given that CEOs spend much of their time communicating with stakeholders and play a fundamental role in driving company performance and reputation, this transition is only likely to intensify over time.


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