More than a pair of shoes...

I was recently on holiday and noticed a small child walking around the resort swimming pool, carrying a pair of adult shoes. Nothing unusual here except the shoes were an eye-popping, crocodile-skin design.

However, more remarkable was the fact that after just a few days, pretty much everyone in the resort could tell you who owned them!

They belonged to a gentleman who looked like a cross between Shaggy from Scooby Doo and the lead singer of LMFAO, and wore heavy jewellery and eye-catching attire. The child in question was his daughter collecting up the shoes.
So how was this person able to make an impact in such a short amount of time among many holiday-makers, that enabled a pair of shoes to immediately be connected with him?

Firstly, he portrayed an infectious element of fun in everything he did. Secondly, he socialised widely with the young and old, whom clearly adored his attention. And thirdly, he simply stood out from the crowd with his look and choice of clothes.

By being a focal point of attention and creating an aura of interest, he transcended nationalities, social classes, age levels and positively influenced those around him.

Lessons here for those of us involved in directing brand and corporate reputation management!


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