Bridging the Interim Communications Gap

Organisations may not need full-time communication professionals! This sounds a strange statement to make having operated in this area for all my working life and establishing Highbank Communications three years ago. So, let me expand. 

VMA Group’s ‘Bridging the Gap’ report providing the latest insights into business leaders’ views on using interim communication professionals. Key findings from the report included topics such as change management and employee communications being seen as business priority activities and the need for multi-disciplined, ‘big-picture’ communication advisers and practitioners to support organisations.

However, companies may be missing out on opportunities to tap into a wider candidate pool for these areas of knowledge and expertise by appointing interim advisers on a full-time basis only, excluding those willing to undertake 2-3 days/week assignments but unable to commit beyond this owing to their other clients’ needs.  

Whilst some assignments will require full-time interim support, there will also be cases where an experienced practitioner is able to fulfil a role in much less time than an organisation has envisaged. For companies willing to consider part-time interim candidates, they can expect to receive cost savings and a wider selection of individuals accurately matching their requirements.

By ‘bridging the gap’ between full and part-time interim roles, this can only strengthen communications as a cost-effective, strategic and value-added discipline.

Clive Hawkins


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